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Nanotechnology / Materials

Flexible antenna coil for biological tissues

TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering)
collaborative researchers:FUJIE, Toshinori Guest Researcher , 鉄 祐磨
● An inkjet-printed line was annealed at 250℃ for realizing low resistive (2.9×10-5 Ω・cm) on a glass substrates.● A low resistive printed line was transferred onto the low heat durable materials (Tg: 56℃) thanks to the cleavage of the multi-stacked graphene flakes.
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Life sciences

Ultra-sensitive and high-performance biomolecule detection method

SOU, Keitaro Senior Researcher (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
collaborative researchers:Runkai Hu , TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor
● Conversion of detection principle from analog method to digital method.● Development of ultra-sensitive detection probes capable of single molecule detection.● Practical application of quantitative technology based on high-speed single molecule digital counting.
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Life sciences Nanotechnology / Materials

Nanosheet for detecting deformation and motion of biological tissue (soft materials)

FUJIE, Toshinori Guest Researcher (retired)
collaborative researchers:鉄 祐磨 (retired), TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor (retired)
● Polymer nanosheets for the substrate has high flexibility.● Dots were marked on nanosheet at regular intervals.● Motion or deformation were estimated from position information of dots.
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Nanotechnology / Materials

Ultra-Thin Film Luminescence Sensor

FUJIE, Toshinori Guest Researcher (retired)
collaborative researchers:佐藤 裕崇 (retired), TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor (retired)
● Luminescence sensor made from free-standing polymer nanosheets with the thickness of tens to hundreds of nanometers.● Versatile fabrication by selecting sensor dyes (e.g.,temperature, oxygen concentration).● Ratiometric sensing of biological information.
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Nanotechnology / Materials

Electronic devices composed of polymer nanosheets

FUJIE, Toshinori Guest Researcher (retired)
collaborative researchers:IWASE, Eiji Professor (retired), TAKEOKA, Shinji Professor (retired), IWATA, Hiroyasu Professor (retired)
● Flexible electronic devices mounted on free-standing polymer nanosheets ● Fabrication of conductive lines by inkjet printing of silver nanoparticles at room temperature● Soldering-free packaging of electronic elements (e.g., LED) based on van der Waals interactions
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