Ultra-sensitive and high-performance biomolecule detection method


● Early diagnosis and detection are effective for prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases, diseases, and infectious.
● There is no effective method for rapid detect of trace biomolecules (biomarkers) in the early stage.
● A general technology for more sensitive and rapid detection of biomarkers is expected.


● Conversion of detection principle from analog method to digital method.
● Development of ultra-sensitive detection probes capable of single molecule detection.
● Practical application of quantitative technology based on high-speed single molecule digital counting.


● Ultra-sensitive molecule detection by using temperature-responsive  fluorescent probe particles.
● High accuracy and reliability by digital analysis (absolute  quantitation).
● High versatility and innovations that may innovate biomolecular  detection and quantification technology.


● Health care and medical industry: Preventive medicine, ultra-early detection of diseases and infections.
● Environment and food industry: Inspection kit for environmental microorganism and bacteria.
● Bio-industry: New technology for detection and quantification of ultra-trace biomolecule.


posted: 2019/10/21