Chemo-enzymatic amide synthesis


●  Amide compounds are useful material for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. 
●  Chemical method requires multi-step reaction and generates a lot of waste. 
●  Enzymatic method limits the kinds of amide to synthesize.


●  A novel chemo-enzymatic reaction for the amide synthesis.
 ❍  Enzymatic reaction: activation of the carboxyl group of the substrate.
 ❍  Chemical reaction: nucleophilic substitution reaction to be various amides.


●  Hybrid reaction produces amide compounds by one-pot reaction.
●  Reaction proceeds under mild condition without special equipment.
●  More amides can be synthesized compared to conventional method.


●  Amide compounds for pharmaceuticals, prodrugs or chemicals.
●  Dipeptides for functional food, supplements or materials.
●  Fatty acid amides for surfactants.


posted: 2018/11/29