The emission of white light through enzyme hydration of 2-naphthoic acid


The development of light sources such as those that use organic EL that contribute to energy and resource savings has become a social problem.


Using cytochrome P450 (enzyme) on 2-naphthoic acid to add a hydroxyl group enables the easy, one-step synthesis of a compound that emits white light.
We have also synthesized compounds that emit blue light, and there is the potential to synthesize compounds that emit a variety of other colors.


Participation is possible beginning with the evaluation of applications such as whether it can be used as an EL element upon powdering.


This research seed was realized as the result of knowledge obtained from the addition of hydroxyl groups to amino acids using enzymes.

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  • vii: A sample of an amino acid that has had eight hydroxyl groups added to it
posted: 2014/05/21