The synthesis of high yield hydroxyaspartic acid and its use in antitumor drugs


The method of organically synthesizing hydroxyaspartic acid has been established, but there are many processes involved making it complicated.


In this research seed we succeeded in synthesizing hydroxyaspartic acid, with 100% yield, through site-specific addition of hydroxyl groups to aspartic acid in few steps, by making use of the biological reactions of enzymes.


Other than aspartic acid, we also have numerous enzymes with specific properties extracted from microorganisms, and methods of modifying enzymes to realize specific properties.
This allows us to manipulate hydration reactions using enzymes in a variety of amino acids including valine, leucine and methionine.


Great expectations are held for the use of hydroxyaspartic in external preparations for skin, neurotransmitter inhibitors and antitumor drugs, so our method involving few steps with high yield is advantageous at this developmental stage.

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posted: 2014/05/21