A method of freely synthesizing hexapeptides from peptides


As research into amino acids and proteins progresses, it has come to be known that short peptides, or dipeptides and tripeptides, play vital roles inside the body. At the same time, the accurate synthesis of peptides has become a necessity in order to elucidate their various functions.


For example, to synthesize amino acids A and B, a method of implementing biocatalysts (enzymes) enables the synthesis of specific structures only (e.g., when AA, AB, BA and BB combinations are possible, only AB may be selectively synthesized). The peptide too, gains one site-specific structure.


The shape of the peptide can also be designed freely, so it is possible to synthesize basket-shaped short peptides, and place drugs inside them to create drug delivery systems (DDS). Peptide baskets are particularly effective in delivering drugs to the brain.


This method of using biocatalysts does not require organic solvents, and it involves few processes. So it is suitable for the synthesis of substances that are absorbed by the body, or materials that must be synthesized precisely albeit in small quantities.

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posted: 2014/05/21