Monitoring Chemical Balance in Epidermal Barriers

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Nano/Microsystems,Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering,Intelligent robotics,Electron device/Electronic equipment


● Physical sensor system based on a smartphone device is being established.  
● Diagnosis based on medical knowledge needs chemical sensors.
● Friendly chemical sensor device like physical one is a key.


● Detection of multiple chemicals in epidermal barriers from a smartphone
● Challenging to monitor stress hormones and small ions for healthcare.
● Accurate measurement method of skin pH within 10 sec


● Low-cost mass production of FET sensors at silicon fab
● High impedance FET sensor gives a non-invasive detector.
● Simultaneous data monitoring from multiple markers  


● Skin condition monitoring for health and beauty care
● Health management for working/companion animals
● Stress diagnosis at office/residence using salivary analysis


  • Fig.1 Multi FET sensor system monitored from a smartphone
  • Fig.2 Sensing targets in epidermal barriers
  • Fig.3 Estimation of true skin pH
  • Fig.4 Skin pH and detected substances Fig.5 Animal skin pHs on various regions

collaborative researchers

OSAKA, Tetsuya Senior Research Professor (retired)

posted: 2016/10/24