Seeing mental stress from invisible substances

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Nano/Microsystems,Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering,Intelligent robotics,Electron device/Electronic equipment


● The importance of mental health and society / relationship with others   
● Limitation of analysis using indirect stress data measured by physical sensors
● Elucidation of the mechanism of endocrine substances such as cortisol


● Detects many medically important stress substance signals of different origin
● Quick deduction of stress substances from multiple sensor signals on one chip
● Stress management feedback considering circadian cycle and individual characteristics


● Monitor multiple stress substance concentrations on the spot from saliva, sweat, etc.
● Biosensor that can be stored and used at room temperature and reused by cleaning
● Realize newly developed signal stable integrated biosensor with low cost silicon fab


● Mental health device for stress control in daily life
● A service business that adds scientific evidence to stress checks in the workplace
● Stress checker for silent animals in the livestock and pet markets



collaborative researchers

OSAKA, Tetsuya Senior Research Professor (retired)

posted: 2020/02/06