Monitoring Chemical Balance in Epidermal Barriers

researcher's name
about researcher OHASHI, Keishi Senior Researcher
Research Council (Research Organization) Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
research field
Nano/Microsystems,Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering,Intelligent robotics,Electron device/Electronic equipment


● Physical sensor system based on a smartphone device is being established.  
● Diagnosis based on medical knowledge needs chemical sensors.
● Friendly chemical sensor device like physical one is a key.


● Detection of multiple chemicals in epidermal barriers from a smartphone
● Challenging to monitor stress hormones and small ions for healthcare.
● Accurate measurement method of skin pH within 10 sec


● Low-cost mass production of FET sensors at silicon fab
● High impedance FET sensor gives a non-invasive detector.
● Simultaneous data monitoring from multiple markers  


● Skin condition monitoring for health and beauty care
● Health management for working/companion animals
● Stress diagnosis at office/residence using salivary analysis


  • Fig.1 Multi FET sensor system monitored from a smartphone
  • Fig.2 Sensing targets in epidermal barriers
  • Fig.3 Estimation of true skin pH
  • Fig.4 Skin pH and detected substances Fig.5 Animal skin pHs on various regions

collaborative researchers

OSAKA, Tetsuya Senior Research Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering Department of Applied Chemistry)

posted: 2016/10/24