Method for determining the heat treatment on meat


Some imported chicken requires heating process for possibility of bird influenza viruses.
But the conventional method is biochemical SDS-PAGE, which takes a lot of time and effort.


To determine the heat treatment on meat by evaluation of heat denaturation of protein using Raman spectroscopic analysis.


The rapid and reliable technique to evaluate the heat treatment on meat with non-destructive and non-labeled manner by a portable Raman spectrometer with evaluating software.


・ Improvement of food safety and food quality.
・ Prevention of domestic animal infectious diseases.


  • Chicken meat and a portable Raman spectrometer
  • Fig 1: Raman spectrum of chicken meat, which shows amide I band at around 1660cm-1 corresponding to proteins.
  • Fig 2: Raman spectra of chicken meat heated at different temperatures (45-90℃ , for 1 min)
  • Fig 3: Change of peak position of amide I due to heat temperature. 
posted: 2015/10/23