High-speed Tissue Dissection System for Spatial Omics Analysis of Tissue


● Understanding the complexity of multicellular organism requires omics with cellular spatial information in the tissue.  
● Analysis is limited because of lack of rapid tissue dissection method.


● The automated system for rapid tissue microdissection 
● Tissues are automatically dissected and transferred into plate within 8 min for 96 sampling sites.


● Rapid dissection and no sample degradation
● Broad range of samples such as mammalian tissue, plant, and adherent cell lines


● Site-specific gene and protein expression analysis 
● Use for the analyses of embryo development, cancer evolution, cerebral brain and so on
● Sampling tool for medical and drug discovery research 


  • Fig.1 High-speed and automated tissue dissection system
  • Fig.2 Prototype of high-speed and automated tissue dissection system
  • Fig.3 Tissue dissection and its application for gene expression analysis
  • Fig.4 Comparison of gene expression profiles between mouse brain area

collaborative researchers

TAKEYAMA, Haruko Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering) , 神原 秀記 招聘研究教授 (株式会社日立製作所フェロー)

posted: 2016/10/24