Electroforming Technique using Self-assembled Monolayer(SAM) for Modified Nanopatterns

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Nano/Microsystems,Functional solid state chemistry,Electron device/Electronic equipment


・Electroless NiP nanoimprinting mold replicated from Self-assembled Monolayer (SAM) modified Nanopatterns 
・Elaborately manufactured in nano size and complicated form


・Additional value and functionalization of products 
・Super-high aspect ratio&Nano-fabrication achievement 
・It is hard process by the conventional electroless plating or sputtering process


・Pretreatment process by SAM
・The metallic molds with super-high aspect ratio can be manufactured easily 


・Provide Ni electroforming mold with super-high aspect ratio (LEAP Co.,Ltd)


  • Fabrication process of electroless NiP nanoimprinting mold
  • Alumina with the high aspect ratio hall formed by anodic oxidation
  • The Ni stamper with the high aspect ratio that manufactured it by SAM, Ni electroforming to the above alumina

collaborative researchers

SAITO, Mikiko Senior Researcher (Research Council (Research Organization) Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology) (retired)

related paper

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posted: 2015/03/03