Heat-Resistant Separator Made of Boron Nitride Nanotubes and Integrated Cathode/Separator/Anode for Light-Weight Batteries

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Reaction engineering/Process system,Nanobioscience


● Organic separator films in the current Li-ion batteries (LIBs).
  Heat-resistant separator is in high demand for safety.
● Thick active layer on heavy current collectors of metal foils for high energy density. Uneasy to improve power density.


● Boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) separator (>>500 C).
    Binder-less, high porosity, high ion diffusivity.
● NEW integrated structure of cathode/separator/anode.
    Thin-layer stack offering ion diffusivity & mechanical stability.
● Light-weight LIBs based on CNT current collector instead of metal foils.
    →Enhanced safety, powder density, and energy density.

collaborative researchers

HORI, Keisuke Research Associate (retired) , 金子 健太郎 (理⼯学術院 応⽤化学科)

posted: 2019/04/22