Ag aerogel film; Binding interface easily & stably

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Reaction engineering/Process system,Nanobioscience


● Solders and Ag paste are widely used to bond solid-solid interfaces electrically and/or thermally. They have poor heat resistance, limited by the melting point of solder alloys and heat resistance of regins.


● A unique aerogel film made of Ag particles.
● Contains no additive, easily sinters into bulk, and builds excellent electrical, thermal, and mechanical interfaces with high heat resistance.
●Can be manufactured quickly at high yield with small Ag amount (~10 mg/cm2, material cost of ~1 JPY/cm2)


● The nanostructure allows "welding" at room/low temperatures, and once "welded", it shows heat resistance of bulk.
● Solid interfaces can be electrically and thermally bonded at room temperature and low pressure (<1 MPa).
● When heated (> 200 ℃), the interface can be bonded mechanically, and has improved electrical and thermal performances.
● Since the sheet is composed only of Ag without any resin, it shows excellent performances and heat resistance.


posted: 2022/02/03