Highly Durable Interdigitated Electrode with Dense CNT Forests


● Conventional interdigitated electrode (IDE) with metals (Au, Pt, etc.) or pyrolyzed carbon have disadvantages of low sensitivity, low durability, or high process.


● Highly-sensitive and highly-durable IDE with dense CNT forests directly grown on electrodes at low process temperature (<500 ℃) is demonstrated.


● Low contact resistance between the CNT forests and electrodes is realized by the direct growth of CNT forests on electrodes by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). 


  • Side-view SEM images of IDE with CNT forests.
  • Comparison between the Metal-IDE and CNTF-IDE. The CNTF-IDE shows much higher sensitivity.
  • Dopamine (DA) measurement under coexistence of L-ascorbic acid (AA) (100 µM). Selective detection of DA under coexistence of AA with high concentration (CAA/CDA > 1000) was achieved.
  • Repeated measurement of DA (100 µM). CNTF-IDE shows superior anti-fouling property with a negligible shift of half-wave potential (|ΔE1/2| < 1.4 mV in 30 measurements).

collaborative researchers

NODA, Suguru Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering) , 大野 雄高 (名古屋大学) , 牛山 拓也 (名古屋大学)

posted: 2018/10/30