Screening and evaluation system for anti-aging chemicals

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Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology),Eating habits,General medical chemistry,Experimental pathology


● Aging is one of the major risk factor for developing of metabolic diseases and cancers. Calorie restriction (CR) delays 
    the onset of these disorders. CR mimetic compounds could be an elixir for these various age-related diseases. 
    Our method can be utilized both in vitro and in vivo with high cost-effectiveness. Cell- and animal-based screens enable
    the simultaneous evaluation of drug metabolism or toxicity with biological activity. 


● Screening system for anti-aging chemicals
● Genes related to life extension and use thereof


● We developed the reporter bioassay systems to screen anti-aging chemicals which mimic the beneficial effects of CR. This approach not only provides the opportunity to identify promising drug candidates, but also enables novel information regarding biological pathways to be unveiled. 


● Anti-aging drugs, cosmetics, phytochemicals and pet foods
● Evaluation and screening of anti-aging candidate molecules
posted: 2022/10/24