Sins of anticancer drugs


● Why can't cancer be cured? Is there anything wrong with anticancer drug treatment?   
● Do small vesicles (exosomes) released from cancer cells contain factors that make cancer malignant?
● It is difficult to measure trace amounts of proteins in exosomes. 


● Whereas anyone can measure nucleic acids, what we really would like to know are the trace amounts of proteins that function in the body. 
● Application of an ultrasensitive ELISA enables us to detect proteins responsible for malignant transformation.


● We can detect GRP78 contained in a small number of exosomes at an ultrasensitive level.
● High concentration of GRP78 in exosomes, which are secreted after anticancer drug administration, cause cancer cells to become malignant. 
● The merits and demerits of anticancer drugs can be determined by detecting GRP78 in exosomes. 


● This method is versatile due to its use as a drug screening method to determine drug efficacy.
● We can make a kit that is expected to be widely used.
posted: 2022/10/24