Activity change in the brain associated with pain relief


● It is so hard to identify the causes of chronic pain, and thus to relieve the pain, complementary and alternative medicine is required.   
● We have so far found that adhesion of pyramidal thorn patches on the pain region is effective for pain relief.
● Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to identify the brain region that was changed by the patch treatment.
     Then, we hypothesized that if this brain region could be activated/inactivated,  the pain would be relieved.  


● The oxyhemoglobin levels of lDLPFC became down, i.e., the activity was suppressed, during pain relief.


● When we can suppress the activity of lDLPFC by exogenous stimuli, we can escape from drug ment, which is not expected to have a large effect. Consequently,  the side effects are suppressed and the medical costs are cut down. 


● What kind of stimulus can inactivate the lDLPFC activity? 
● Development to pharmaceutical industry.
● Cooperation with psychology.


posted: 2021/10/08