Development of Subliminal Persuasion System for Laparoscopic Training

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Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Surgical dentistry


● Special trainings and education are needed for laparoscopic surgery
● Current training for laparoscopy focuses only on the enhancement of manual skill and does not give advice on improving trainees’ posture
● The workload of laparoscopic training is high, we present a method, named subliminal persuasion that gives the trainee real time feedback to correct posture and help in reducing fatigue and improving performances without adding extra workload


● Experimental setup and materials(fig.1)
● Different types of feedback(fig.2)
● The different between first trial and last trial(fig.3)
● Workload of each group during laparoscopic training(fig.4)


● During laparoscopic train, not only the surgical performance could improve, but also the posture could be corrected
● Subliminal persuasion system doesn’t give trainee much extra workload


● Surgical training


  • Fig.1 Experimental setup and materials
  • Fig.2 different types of feedback
  • Fig.3 We found both of them could change the trainee’s posture during laparoscopic training
  • Fig.4 Subliminal feedback didn’t give much extra workload to trainee

collaborative researchers

SESSA, Salvatore Part-time Lecturer (retired)

posted: 2015/12/15