Neuronal differentiation inducer


・ Medicinal application of imidazole compounds,which have various bioactivities is focused.
・ Neuronal differentiation inducer could be a therapeutic drug for central nervous system diseases derived from the defects of neural stem cells.


・ A series of novel ageladine A derivatives,which has a specific activity on the neuronal differentiation


・ Strong activity (effective at 10 nM)
・ Substructure-dependent function: 3c is an inhibitor of the neuronal differentiation


・ Lead compounds for neurodegenerative diseases
・ Tools for stem cell biology


  • In vitro neural differentiation method using mouse ES cell
  • A series of new derivatives derived from 2
  • Specific activity on the neuronal differentiation
  • Neuronal differentiation activity

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posted: 2015/10/23