Dissimilar Materials Bonding with 3D Nano Interface



● Application of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites  to vehicles and rovement of their productivity, recyclability and fuel economy
● Development of bonding technology between CFRTP and aluminum alloy for and its evaluation


● Fabrication of nano structure on aluminum surfaces
● Improvement of bonding strength by silane-coupling treatment
● Direct bonding of CFRTP and Al by hotpress
● Evaluation of shear strength and fracture toughness


● Higher bonding strength due to anchor effects
● Excellent in recyclability for only Al and CFRTP use
● Evaluation of pure fracture toughness considering residual thermal stress


● Direct bonding of transportation equipment members, electronics and building materials by hotpress
● Development of new composites based on CFRTP and metals


posted: 2020/02/06