Fabrication of carbon nanotube yarn with high functionality

researcher's name
金 太成
理工学術院 機械科学・航空学科


● Demand for wiring material with large current capacity
● CNT has 1000 times larger current capacity than metal
● It is difficult to achieve both high electrical conductivity and large current capacity by single material


● CNT yarn was drawn from vertically aligned CNT array
● CNT composite yarn was developed by electrolytic plating
● Controlling of plating by changing plating condition
● Superior electrical conductivity (2.14×107 S/m)


● Superior specific electrical conductivity
● Low temperature dependency of resistivity
● Possibility of high productivity
● Enough strength as wiring material (0.9 GPa)


● Large current capacity wiring of electronic device
● High output motor utilizing small inertia moment
● High-frequency cable for audiovisual apparatus


  • Fig.1 Fabrication of untwisted CNT yarn using ceramics dice from vertically aligned CNT array.
  • Fig.2 Electrolytic plating on CNT yarn using cyanogen system plating bath in condition of 0.5~1.0 A /dm2, 10~30 minutes.
  • Fig.3 Variation of plating by changing plating condition (Left: CNT-Au composite yarn, Right: CNT-Cu composite yarn).
posted: 2016/02/04