Development of cosmetic products targeting cell endogenous activation


● Reduced activity of protein quality system causes skin aging.
● Accumulation of abnormal mitochondria in cells produces reactive oxygen and accelerates skin damage.
● Reduction of cellular damage and abnormal proteins in the dermis are important issues for skin aging.


● Degradation of abnormal proteins by enhancing autophagy.
● Elimination of damaged mitochondria by mitophagy reduces the source of active oxygen.
● Intrinsic protection from aging or environmental stress by increasing cellular stress response system


● We establish an evaluation system of autophagy and mitophagy in skin cells.
● We identify compounds affecting autophagy or mitophagy.
● We identify components that enhance the stress response system and verify the cytoprotective effect.


● Beauty, Skin-care, Cosmetic product
● Health food market
● Healthcare industry


posted: 2019/10/21