Fabrication of carbon nanotube yarn with high strength, conductivity and lightness

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Materials/Mechanics of materials,Composite materials/Surface and interface engineering


● CNT has ultra-high strength and larger current capacity than metal
● CNT yarn enables CNTs to be used in a macro scale
● Properties of CNT yarns are inferior to that of CNT itself


● Untwisted CNT yarns were fabricated from CNT array (Fig. 1)
● Impurities and defect structures were removed by graphitization treatment
● CNT yarns were combined with polymer or metal to enhance load transfer capability or conductivity between CNTs


● Crystallinity was improved more than 10 times
● Strength of the composite yarn reached 2.3 Gpa
● CNT yarn had larger specific current capacity than capper


● Alternate material of existing fibers by taking advantage of high strength and lightness
● Wiring materials for high power motor or wire harness
● Material for future structures such as cables of the space elevator
posted: 2019/04/22