High Temperature Resistant Die Bonding Formed by Al/Ni Nano-particles Composite Paste

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Structural/Functional materials


● Low temperature sintering bonding by Ag nanoparticles and Cu nanoparticles has attracted attention as a high heat resistant bonding technology for SiC power device interconnection.
● The problems of  Corrosion, oxidation and cost in Ag nanoparticles and Cu nanoparticles
● Generation of voids larger than micro size after sintering
● Decrease in bonding reliability due to thermal stress caused by difference in thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) between the element and the substrate


● Verification of void reduction effect by Al microparticle mixing
● Verification of stress relaxation effect of junction structure formed by Ni nano-/Al micro-particles composite paste
● Evaluation of high heat resistance using SiC-SBD


● Ni nanoparticle bonding can be applied for the direct bonding to Al in the atmosphere.
● The Ni nano-/Al micro-particles composite bonding layer has heat resistance at 250℃ or higher.
● The Al micro-particles in the bonding layer are expected to have voids reduction effect and a stress relaxation effect.


● Inverter of industrial motor
● New energy field

collaborative researchers

TANAKA, Yasunori Research Associate (retired)

posted: 2019/03/12