New Therapy of Precocious Puberty and Reproductive Dysfunction by Means of GnIH, a Novel Neurohormone


● The past has not been known only GnRH. Therefore, most of the central reproductive dysfunction were unidentified.  
   The effective therapy has not been developed.


● Discovery of a novel neuro hormone(GnIH) (Fig.1)
● Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of the GnIH/GNIH action to control the reproductive function
  - Central precocious puberty (CPP) that GnIH/GNIH functional decline leads (Fig.2)
  - Central reproductive dysfunction (CRD) that hyperfunction of GnIH/GNIH leads (Fig.3)


● Discovery of Gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone (GnIH)
● Identification of the new reproductive control mechanism


● Development
  - GNIH agonists (New medicine for CPP)
  - GNIH antagonist (New medicine for CRD)
  - New diagnostic test (variant screening of GNIH gene and the receptor)


  • Fig. 1 Discovery of a novel neuro hormone (GnIH)
  • Fig.2 Precocious puberty that GnIH functional decline leads
  • Fig.3 Reproductive dysfunction that GnIH hyperfunction leads
posted: 2016/10/24