Self-driven Perfusion Culture System Using the Paper-based Double-layered Scaffold

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Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering,Polymer chemistry,Nanobioscience,Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties,Structural/Functional materials


● Mechanostress (e.g. shear stress caused by blood flow) plays an important role in the development and formation of various biological tissues.
● Perfusion culture circulating a medium is a promising method for applying shear stress to cells in cultivation.
● Disadvantages of the hitherto reported perfusion culture systems :
   [1] Advanced nanotechnology facilities are needed to fabricate devices.
   [2] Peripheral equipment tends to make a whole system large and complicated.
   [3] Closed and small culture area (μm2 ~ mm2).


● The double-layered scaffold consisting of a paper for medium perfusion and electrospun gelatin microfibers for cell adhesion is developed (Fig. 1).
● Self-driven, stable, and constant perfusion of the medium has been achieved by using both capillary action and siphon phenomenon of the paper-layer (Fig. 2).
   The flow rate is controllable just by changing the height levels.


● Simple and easy-to-fabricate
● Open and large culture area (cm2)
● Mechanostress caused by the medium flow can be effectively applied to the cells cultured on the scaffold (Fig. 3).


● Fabrication of three-dimensional large and thick engineered tissues by using a large and open culture area of the scaffold, and mechanostress.
● Perfusion culture of large and thick tissues.
● Culture of epithelial cells and tissues at air-liquid interface.
Ref.) A. Ozaki, Y. Arisaka, N. Takeda, Self-driven Perfusion Culture System Using a Paper-based Double-layered Scaffold, Biofabrication, in press (2016). 


  • Fig. 1 The paper-based double-layered scaffold. Preparation (left),
  • structure and SEM images (right).
  • Fig.2 Self-driven perfusion culture system.
  • Fig. 3 SEM images showing orientation control of endothelial cells by loading mechanostress in a direction of the perfusing medium (arrow: direction of the medium flow).
posted: 2016/10/24