Small Sized Force / Torque Sensors for Robotic Arms and Hands


● Next generation robots need compact force sensors
● Sensors with digital output reduces necessary wiring
● No additional components for amplification and digitization required


● Novel 6-axis F/T sensor based on capacitive ensing
● Novel 3-axis force sensors for distributed tactile sensing


● 6-axis sensor: 19x17x17 mm.
● Distributed sensor: 16 * 3-axis F/T in 20x23x3 mm.
  Flexible and soft. Only 3% hysteresis.
● Digital output. High signal-to-noise ratio.
● Temperature drift compensation


● 6-axis sensor: Force/torque feedback for manipulators.
  Deburring, polishing, grinding (where robot is required to apply a constant force).  
  Robotic part insertion. And many more…
● 3-axis sensor: Soft and sensitive cover for robotic arms.


  • Fig.1 6-axis F/T sensor
  • Fig.2 3-axis force sensors
  • Fig.3 Capacitive skin sensor measurements
  • Fig.4 Hall effect skin sensor measurements
posted: 2015/12/15