New Wide Bandgap Semiconductor --- β-Ga2O3 Single Crystal



・The proposal and actual proof of β-Ga2O3 single crystal as a new wide bandgap semiconductor 
・Advantageous growth nature of β-Ga2O3 single crystals from melt under atmospheric pressure.
・Wide controllability of conductivity (Large band gap energy (4.8~4.9V)


・Expectation for the new material beyond GaN, SiC semiconductors


・Realization of the large-sized single crystal from melt by EFG method
・Conductivity control -Development of the n-type, insulating and p-type dopants
・Development of ohmic and schottky electrodes
・The proposal and actual proof as substrates for LED


・Available now by Tamura Corporation
・Substrates for power devices and Visible/UV LEDs
・Diverse applications, such as high brightness LEDs, UV sensors, and etc


  • 2inch β-Ga2O3 single crystal substrates by FEG method Source of photo: Tamura Corp. , Koha Co., Ltd.
  • Characteristics of LED on β-Ga2O3 substrate Source : Tamura Corp. , Koha Co., Ltd.
  • Firstly demonstrated Schottky barrier diodes using β-Ga2O3

collaborative researchers

SHIMAMURA, Kiyoshi Guest Professor , ガルシア ビジョラ (独立行政法人 物質・材料研究機構)

posted: 2015/03/03