Biological Implant Material with Bone Seeking

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Electron device/Electronic equipment,Nanobioscience,Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems,Electronic materials/Electric materials


●  Biological implants for bone tissue, such as dental implants, are widely used in medical filed.
●  Integration of bone tissue and implants needs a long time, and sometimes they are not stable.
●  Faster osseointegration while keeping reliability is required to improve QOL.


●  Control surface morphology of implant in nanoscale.
●  Combination of large and small nanostructures which has different functionalities, respectively.
●  Nanostructure formation process applicable for curved surfaces.


●  Improve integration speed of bone tissue and implant.
●  Faster and well-controlled osseointegration resulting from the combined nanostructure.
●  Possible to impart the same effect on curved surfaces of our body.


●  Inflammation-less dental implant, which can use as same as own teeth.
●  Treatment of bone diseases in aging society.
●  Exterior structure for implant medical devices.


  • Requirement for implants for bone tissue
  • Improvement of osseointegration by the proposed nanostructure
  • Dental implant with using the proposed nanostructure

collaborative researchers

塩澤 茉由子 , KUWAE, Hiroyuki Assistant Professor (retired) , SHOJI, Shuichi Professor (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Department of Electronic and Photonic Systems) (retired)

posted: 2018/11/29