Electroforming Technique using Self-assembled Monolayer(SAM) for Modified Nanopatterns

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Nano/Microsystems,Functional solid state chemistry,Electron device/Electronic equipment


・Electroless NiP nanoimprinting mold replicated from Self-assembled Monolayer (SAM) modified Nanopatterns 
・Elaborately manufactured in nano size and complicated form


・Additional value and functionalization of products 
・Super-high aspect ratio&Nano-fabrication achievement 
・It is hard process by the conventional electroless plating or sputtering process


・Pretreatment process by SAM
・The metallic molds with super-high aspect ratio can be manufactured easily 


・Provide Ni electroforming mold with super-high aspect ratio (LEAP Co.,Ltd)


  • Fabrication process of electroless NiP nanoimprinting mold
  • Alumina with the high aspect ratio hall formed by anodic oxidation
  • The Ni stamper with the high aspect ratio that manufactured it by SAM, Ni electroforming to the above alumina

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posted: 2015/03/03