Ultra-low-loss Tapered Optical Fibers(TOFs) and Ultra-high-Q Microtoroidal Resonators


● Development of nanophotonics devices
● The development of quantum information technologies such as quantum computers and quantum networks has become active.


● Succeeded in developing a nanofiber optic with a transmittance of 99.7% or more using our unique technology
● Developed a "nano-fiber optic resonator" that combines a nano-fiber and a fiber Bragg grating (FBG). By combining this with a single atom that is laser-cooled and trapped, the world's first all-fiber cavity QED system is realized.
● Developing extreme generation, measurement, and manipulation technologies for quantum states of light using nano-fiber optic resonator
● Aiming to realize scalable optical quantum computation by connecting cavity QED systems to each other with low loss via propagation mode and constructing a quantum network in which a large number of cavity QED systems are connected at a macroscopic distance.


● Application to quantum computer
● Quantum information science(e.g., nonclassical light sources, scalable quantum logic with photons, quantum networks connected with light), ultra-low threshold optical devices, and single atom/molecule detecting devices


posted: 2022/02/03