Ultra-low-loss Tapered Optical Fibers(TOFs) and Ultra-high-Q Microtoroidal Resonators


・The highest transmission measured for TOFs 
  with an optimal shape is in excess of 99.7% 
  with a total TOF length of only 23mm
・Microtoroidal resonators to build on-chip cavity QED systems with very high quality factors


・Demands for the measurement at the nanometric level, such as molecules and DNA’s
・Expectations for the potential applications of evanescent light


・Design and fabrications of  ultra-low-loss tapered optical fibers (TOFs) with minimal lengths
・Original fabrication methods of  microtoroidal resonators 


・quantum information science
 (e.g., nonclassical light sources, scalable quantum logic with photons, quantum networks connected with light), ultra-low threshold optical devices, and single atom/molecule detecting devices


  • The highest transmission in excess of 99.7%  A total TOF length of only 23mm
  • Probe for scanning type microscopes to achieve high efficiency, high resolution
  • Ultra-high-Q microtoroidal resonators; Q>3×108, Small mode volume, Coupling to single-mode optical fibers with high efficiency
posted: 2015/03/03