Innovation of Data-driven Society based on Next-generation Information Processing “Quantum Annealing”


● Solving combinatorial optimization problems is rate controlling in several fields (Combinatorial explosion).
● Quantum annealing was proposed by Kadowaki and Nishimori in 1998.
● The first commercial quantum annealing machine was launched by D-Wave Systems Inc. in 2011.


● An algorithm of clustering analysis using quantum annealing has been proposed.
● Algorithms of combinatorial optimization problems using quantum annealing have been proposed.


● Big data can be processed with very high speed because of quantum parallelization and self-organization phenomena.
● A machine-learning method based on quantum annealing was proposed before the birth of commercial quantum computer.
● Extensive experience of industry-academia collaboration.


● Cost down on design of integrated circuit (FPGA etc.).
● High-efficiency technology on statistical machine learning (information recommendation).
● Acceleration of optimization processing in IoT.


posted: 2018/10/30