Development of a device and algorithm for prevention of exertional heat stroke

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Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology)


● Health risks associated with hot climate during labor and sports are increasing. 
● However, there are no effective way to predict or judge such personal risk.
● We need to find accurate and simple methods for this purpose.


● We have developed devices monitoring deep body temperature on fields, 
● the algorithm predicting the risks, using heart rates and body temperature data.
● Collecting the data and personal log will give us more accurate information.


● The device detects tympanic temperature, reflecting well rectal temperature. 
● The accuracy of the algorithm was verified by physiological experiments.
● In the future, we will develop a system analyzing personal log and mass data.


● Work environment in extreme heat and needing protective clothes, etc. 
● Sports safety during activities in school.
● Personal health development and indices for heat acclimation.


posted: 2018/09/27