Amyloidß Detection System using CHRNA7 Fragments


● Amyloid ß protein (Aß) is a main component of senile plaque.  
● It is important to detect Aß oligomer for AD prediction.
● CHRNA7 specifically binds to Aß.


● We narrowed down the binding region of CHRNA7 to Aß.
● The methods to detect Aß using the purified GST-CHRNA7 fragments.
● We already confirmed the binding of Aß and the CHRNA7 fragments.


● The Aß species specifically bind CHRNA7 could be detected. 
● Specific and low-cost method compared to ELISA


● Developing biosensor to detect the Aß specifically binds to CHRNA7 
● Screening chemicals and drugs to inhibit the Aß-CHRNA7 binding


  • Fig. 1 Purification of GST-CHRNA7 fragments
  • Fig. 2 The new methods to detect Aß using the purified GST-CHRNA7
  • Fig. 3 Confirmation of the binding between Aß and the CHRNA7 fragments
posted: 2016/10/24