Ultrasonic Diagnosis Support Robot for Prenatal Care

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Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems


● For the issues - declining birthrate, strains on prenatal care
● Ultrasonic diagnosis support robot“Tenang”has been developing in our lab
● To actualize the various prenatal care service with“Tenang”


● Online service : The obstetrician controls“Tenang”via teleoperation to see the ultrasonic images and diagnosis in real time.
● Offline service : “Tenang” moves automatically to get and send the fetus images. The obstetrician checks them by the image reconstruction system.


● Online service : The obstetrician can get the fetus images on demand by controlling “Tenang.”

  Also the image/voice communication offers a sense of safety to the obstetrician and the pregnant woman.

● Offline service : No effects by the communication delay.
   With the image reconstruction system, the obstetrician gets the arbitrary images.


● “Tenang” will ease to get the prenatal care service even in a remote area
● Actualization of auto-prenatal care service can reduce the waiting time in the crowded hospital
● The image reconstruction system could be utilized for obstetrician training


  • Ultrasonic diagnosis support robot “Tenang”
  • Online service : Prenatal care via teleoperation control
  • Offline service : Prenatal care by image reconstruction system
  • Service image of “Tenang” installation
posted: 2015/12/15