Protein crystallization using membrane separation method

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Properties in chemical engineering process/Transfer operation/Unit operation


・ New crystallization technique of protein is needed with fast and low cost
・ Rate-determining point in X-ray structure analysis of protein is a crystallization step
・ Reproducible and short-time procedures are needed for protein crystallization


・ Protein solution is concentrated by using ultrafilter
・ Concentration speed is controlled optionally by pressure control
・ Separation and collection of proteins are very easy


・ Easy protein crystallization by converting an existing membrane separator
・ Plasticity and shortening are expected
・ Application is possible for various proteins widely


・ Quick screening of proteins for medicine manufacturer
・ Replacement of chromatography for preparations of protein medicines
・ In vitro experiment of bio-crystallization


  • Conventional method of protein crystallization (Hanging drop method):It takes a few days or more. Controlled crystallization is not easy.
  • Schematic diagram of ultrafiltration membrane separator:Protein crystals reveal on an ultrafiltration membrane.
  • Protein crystals of lysozyme obtained by controlling pressure and temperature.
posted: 2015/10/23