Analytical systems of homologous recombination in the reconstituted chromatin


・ Homologous recombination is important to repair DNA double strand breaks in mitotic cells and ensure accurate homologous chromosome segregation in meiotic cells.
・ RAD51 and DMC1 are the central enzymes, which promote homologous pairing during homologous recombination.
・ RAD51 is expressed in both mitotic and meiotic cells, but DMC1 is only produced in meiotic cells.


We established the in vitro systems to evaluate the RAD51-mediated or DMC1-mediated homologous recombination reaction using reconstituted chromatin substrates.


The systems established in this study enable us to analyze homologous recombination in chromatin,which is the natural target for homologous recombination in cells.


The systems established in this study may provide a platform technology to develop new therapeutic ways for diseases which are caused by defective homologous recombination, such as cancer and infertility.


  • Homologous recombination reaction in chromatin
  • The analytical system of the RAD51-mediated homologous recombination reaction in higher order chromatin
  • DMC1-mediated homologous recombination reaction in chromatin

collaborative researchers

MACHIDA, Shinichi Junior Researcher (Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering) (retired) , KOBAYASHI, Wataru Assistant Professor (retired)

posted: 2015/10/23