High-throughput screening system with cultured cell lines


We developed high-throughput screening system for identification of novel oncogene.  
This system can also be used for other applications, which needs fast cell-based analysis.


・ Cells are cultured in various conditions (growth factor, extracellular matrix, etc.) after retroviral induction of target genes, and evaluated by cell growth/migration/invasion and malignant transformation.
・ Optimization for 96-well culture plates enabled high-throughput functional assays.


・ Evaluation by various characteristics of the cells
・ High-throughput and Low-cost analysis


・ Evaluation of drugs and chemicals
・ Screening genes for the drug susceptibility
・ Development of culture medium and substrate


  • Examples of our assay system:We can use appropriate cell lines for each assays. All in vitro assays use 96-well plates for high-throughput and low-cost analysis.
posted: 2015/10/23