Development of Functional foods regulating circadian clock system

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・ Circadian rhythm controls  morning and evening
・ Rhythm deficit causes  central and peripheral disease
・ Materials affect rhythm amplitude, phase and period


・ Screening of food materials  on rhythm in cells
・ Select from materials based on Amp, Phase, Period
・ Screening of food material for BF or Dinner on rhythm
・ Confirmed by clock gene  mRNA  in mice & human 


・ Screening of functional food by view of Rhythm
・ Select food by Amp increase  and phase advance
・ In vivo monitor of clock gene mRNA by mice & human
・ Development of BF or Dinner  on Chrono-nutrition


・ Functional food for jet lag by shift work & flight
・ Functional food for Amp increase in old people
・ Functional food for BF or Dinner on Chrono-nutrition
・ Functional food for night food without obesity & arrhythmicity


  • Fig.1 Caffeine increased amplitude and lengthened circadian bioluminescence rhythm in PER2::LUC MEF cells.
  • Fig.2 Functional food A strongly inhibited absorption of Tg in mice Under 2 meals (breakfast, dinner) per day schedule.
  • Fig.3 Visualization of mouse peripheral clock in PER2::LUC mouse,and phase advance by restricted feeding during daytime.
posted: 2015/10/23