Sports and sleep


To athletes who often travel overseas, methods of controlling biological rhythms are vital in improving their performance under disadvantageous conditions such as jet lag. Physical activities and sleep also have a mutual effect on one another, such as a good night’s sleep after exercise, promotion of motor learning through sleep, etc. Elucidating this relationship will lead to knowledge that will allow us to maintain physical and mental health.


Regarding the effect of physical exercise on sleep at night, we carry out research into the kind of exercise that is appropriate for improving sleep.

We carry out research into the potential of exercise in treating depression, to see if it can improve people’s mood.


Examining sleep conditions and countermeasures against jet lag

Analyzing sleep and exercise in adults and children

Evaluating orthoses, health foods, etc., associated with sleep and sports.


We carry out comprehensive evaluations from the three perspectives of physical exercise, sleep and examination of brain functions.

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posted: 2014/05/21