Elucidating the state of health problems centered on backaches, and proposing methods of prevention (exercise treatment)

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Sports science,Orthopaedic surgery


Experience of having examined the health problems faced by athletes as orthopedists, we have come to the conclusion that exercise treatment is the most appropriate way of bolstering the deep trunk muscles to prevent backaches and spinal injuries. We examine preventative methods for athletes, as well as generally effective ways to eliminate backaches among ordinary people including the elderly.


We are elucidating the mechanisms behind injuries in the back region, including the spine and surrounding areas (hip joint, groin region, shoulder girdle), and we have knowledge in diagnosis, treatment and prevention. We target mainly swimmers (swimming, water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, etc.)


Developing training methods to prevent sports injuries and backaches
Evaluating beds, health equipment, orthoses, chairs, etc., that are effective in preventing backaches
Aiming to realize a healthy longevity society through activities to promote sports. Collaborating with local communities, etc.

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Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation
posted: 2014/05/21