Evaluating sports equipment based on knowledge in sports medicine


There is a lot in common between rehabilitation for athletes and prevention of external injuries to allow athletes to stay on top. Based on our experience of providing total care from knee surgeries to rehabilitation guidance as orthopedists, we offer useful on-site knowhow to athletes.


Analyzing through observation of the dynamics of bones and joints using cineradiography, and evaluating making use of knowledge in sports medicine
Sports we target mainly are soccer (junior and women’s), judo, basketball, rugby, golf, etc.


Evaluating prototypes of sportswear, shoes, equipment, machinery and functional orthoses
Proposing improvements to methods of training for sports. Collaborating with fitness clubs and local communities.


We have a solid platform on which to carry out test evaluations with students belonging to various sports clubs who can act as subjects.

purpose of providing seeds

Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation
posted: 2014/05/21