Preventing external injuries and rehabilitation centered on the knee joint


There is a lot in common between rehabilitation for athletes and prevention of external injuries to allow athletes to stay on top. Based on our experience of providing total care from knee surgeries to rehabilitation guidance as orthopedists, we offer useful on-site knowhow to athletes.


We are elucidating the mechanisms behind external injuries to the knee joint (ligament, hamstring muscle, etc.), and we have knowledge in diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.


We have the necessary environment to carry out analyses and evaluations of training based on data on athletes from competitions and intervention studies through our collaborative research system with the Japan Sports Association, the Japan Football Association and regional sports teams

purpose of providing seeds

Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation


  • Fig. 1: A photograph taken with Nadeshiko Japan
  • Fig. 2: Award giving ceremony for the 14th Chichibu-no Miya Commemorative Sports Medical Science Award
posted: 2014/05/21