A note-taking support system for enhancing the feeling of participation in lectures by hearing impaired students


When hearing impaired students attend lectures, they generally sit in the front row sandwiched between two note-takers. However their line of sight becomes fixed on the notebook on the desk, making it difficult for them to turn their attention to the facial expressions and gestures of the lecturer, or what has been written on the blackboard. The information in the notebook is also hidden by the supporter’s arm, which was another problem.


● Research phase: Applied developmental research, research into practical application and commercialization. Digital pen technology called Anoto, developed in Sweden, and a presentation system (OpenSTAGE®) developed by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. have been used in the support technology.

Related press release:http://www.waseda.jp/jp/news11/110804_ant.html


In the future, we will also be looking into note-taking that mixes handwriting and the use of PCs.


(1) Combining existing technologies will lower developmental costs and allow speedy practical application.

(2) Users will become involved from the early stages of development to avoid alienating them and deviating from the original research.

(3) Massive lowering of the mental burden on the supporter without making major changes to the job of the note-taker.

(4) Allowing multiple note-takers to cooperate in providing support to lower the burden on individual note-takers.

(5) The digital pens perform well in their reading, and they are able to keep up with the relatively fast handwriting of note-taking.

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  • Fig 1 (left): Traditional note-taking (Right): The note-taking support system we developed
  • Fig 2 (left): Support provided by a digital pen (Right): Engagement in group work away from supporter (second person from the left is the person being supported
  • Fig. 3: Prior technology developed by the inventor (for reference only); a voice guidance system for the visually impaired (developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Precision
posted: 2014/05/21