Experiment Using High Quality Beams

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Nuclear engineering,Particle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics,Physical chemistry


A “fuel cell” is a power-generating device which retrieves energy by using the inverse reaction of the electrolysis of water. 
“Fuel cells” are expected to provide sources of energy for diverse uses and applications of all scales. Fuel cells feature a low environmental footprint and utilize hydrogen for fuel. Accordingly, they have gained a lot of attention as a tool for solving environmental and energy problems.
A fuel cell which is capable of having a compact and light weight design is the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), and it is expected to have applications for mobile PCs, mobile phones, and automobiles. 


The Washio Laboratory conducts research on PEMFC. It is also working on the development of materials which can be used as an electrolyte membrane for a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC) that is capable of having a compact and light weight design.


■Development of microfabricated materials
Fluorine-based resin, a representative example of which is PTFE, may be used as a component of micromachines. Fluorine-based resin is expected to have nanoscale device applications through hybridization with inorganic substances. Our laboratory carries out research on direct microfabrication of fluorine-based resin of micron to nano-order dimensions using synchrotron light, high energy ion beams, and focused ion beams.    

■Development of new functional materials
The laboratory also uses electron beams to develop materials which have gradient functions, microfabricate materials into biodegradable plastic, giving materials heat resistance properties, and develop technologies for bonding dissimilar materials. 


The graft membrane RX-g-PSSA fabricated at the Washio Laboratory is found to have the same or slightly higher power generation performance compared with the commercially-available Nafion®112 membrane.

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Affiliation: Japanese Society of Radiation Chemistry; The Physical Society of Japan; The Chemical Society of Japan; The Society of Polymer Science, Japan; Atomic Energy Society of Japan; RadTech Japan


  • PEFC cell structure
  • Fabrication (process) of high performance PEM using the electron beam graft polymerization method
posted: 2014/05/21