Proposal for an innovative problem solving method for the creation of product value


In recent years, manufacturing industries are being challenged by price competition from those in emerging economies. In order to respond to market demands for speed and high added-value product development, there is a need to transition from making workplaces efficient to making product development efficient. 


This project proposes a method for valuable new product development plans and new business plans (through the theory of inventive problem solving [TRIZ]). This project proposes a new product development methodology that aims for radical innovation for the improvement of added-value in line with changes in society predicted for the next 5 to 10 years rather than aiming for continuous quality improvements for existing products (kaizen activities).  


There are existing results being shown by the use of this method in product development projects. It is also possible to simulate method results using case studies. Specifically, the project is practicing a methodology that combines TRIZ with the management techniques such as value engineering as well as socio-environmental macro-analysis methods and other disciplines to create a method of “systematic innovation.”


TRIZ is a new method based on an analysis of an extremely large number of patents – over two million. The method is being put into practice frequently in Europe and South Korea and spreading through Japanese companies as well. It is based on three core concepts: 1. Thought processes (algorithms), 2. Specific techniques; and 3. Knowledge databases. It does not establish development goals based on the tradeoffs between beneficial functions and adverse effects, but instead makes it possible to undertake development plans without compromise or contradictions.  

purpose of providing seeds

Sponsord research, Collaboration research, Technical consultation


  • Activities required during each project maturation stage
  • Changes in capabilities demanded of engineers
  • A representative TRIZ method. TRIZ aims for an escape from common creative thinking and appreciation of scientific and creative thinking methods.
posted: 2014/05/21