A latent heat storage system


In recent years, sharply rising energy costs and the global warming problem have contributed to a demand for energy conservation technology and thermal recycling technology. It is said that 80% of energy is lost as heat. Therefore, the effective usage of this energy and establishment of latent heat storage technology are becoming important issues.


This project is for the creation of a latent heat storage system using thermal energy (heat in particular) set in motion along with transfers between liquid and solid states.


●Through the development of high-temperature resistant materials which can sustain a melted state even under high supercooling temperatures, as this project uses waste heat produced by incinerators and factories, as well as; 
●through the development of nucleating agents in order to stabilize under low supercooling temperatures, the project realizes free heat usage using waste heat from not only residential and building heating and cooling systems, but also the heating systems of plastic greenhouses, tropical fish aquariums, heated pools and other sources. 


Key to the effective usage of waste heat is the extent to which the project can fill time and space gaps. By using crystalline reactions brought about using short burst, local ultrasonic irradiation as a trigger, it is possible to freely create heat whenever (in time) and wherever (in space) without impacting the surrounding area.

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  • Behavior of ultrasonic irradiation: ultrasonic wave of 20 kHz and 3 W irradiate trihydric sodium acetate for 0.5 seconds.
  • Usage example.
posted: 2014/05/21