Life-cycle simulation technology for the realization of recycling-oriented production


In order to realize a sustainable society that can adapt to even greater resource and environmental problems, there is a need to pursue reform from production models built on mass production, mass consumption, and mass waste creation  toward “recycling-oriented production” through efforts to effectively use materials via reuse and recycling initiatives, by shifting the roles of the production process from the provision of materials (ex: air conditioners) to the provision of services (ex: keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature).


This project creates life-cycle planning and life-cycle simulation technology in order to plan and evaluate entire product lifecycles, from design, production, specification, collection, and recycling, all in order to build in measures to reduce environmental burdens from the product planning and development stages.


This project develops a variety of reuse technology to make resource recycling possible in line with diverse needs, including  not only for the reuse and recycling of waste products, but also reuse in the sense of rotations within the office of products currently in use, and reuse in the sense of the modular decomposition and reconstruction of collected products.


●With life-cycle simulation, a prediction model is established to determine the end point at which users will no longer be able to use products, and the extent that products will degrade in line with certain usage levels. Based on that information, it is possible to evaluate the environmental and cost aspects of the effects applying this technology to recycling-oriented production within certain markets at certain times. 
●Based on a product-service system (PSS) that combines products and services, this technology is also helpful to gain knowledge about environmentally-conscious business model design methods.

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  • Recycling-oriented production

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posted: 2014/05/21